1. Matching sets


The 1970’s trends are back in fashion! Co-ordinating outfits are seriously in right now, you can see them all over the internet: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and they are very popular at music festivals. Honestly, they are cute and comfortable, so I guess we can understand why.

The two-piece outfits range from staple items like skirts and crop tops to trousers and blazers.

One of the best features of going matchy-matchy is you don’t have to spend time trying to find the perfect bottom to match your top or mixing prints.


Photos source: Pinterest


2. One-piece swimsuit


It’s officially swimsuit season and the one-piece swimsuit is taking over in all its glory. From those with cutouts and ruffles to those with one strap and a metallic finish, one-pieces are cooler than ever before. They are flattering, effortless, and sometimes even sexier than a bikini.

Plus, to boost your self-confidence while wearing a swimsuit, if you tend to hide or conceal your flaws, then the one-piece swimsuit could be your saviour.

So, have you hopped on the one-piece trend yet? 

Photos source: Pinterest


3. Floral prints


If you’re laboring under the illusion that floral prints are reserved for the closets of grannies or for outdated table cloths, think again!

Soft floral prints offer a touch of femininity to your style so you can bring out your girlish charm with your outfits.

Ligthness means romanticism so don’t be scared to be too sweet. The floral trend still continues from previous years, especially with printed pants, mini-dresses, skirts, and I guess we just can’t stop loving them. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy of summer. The floral fabrics can add glamour to your look if opted wisely.

Leave in your closet tropical prints and embrace botanical patterns. Pastel hued micro florals are back.

Photos source: Pinterest


4. Sheer pieces


Sheer is one of summer’s hottest trends, but it’s not the easiest to wear. Most women opt out of wearing sheer as they fear that they’ll end up showing too much skin. But, if styled wisely, it can look as work-appropriate or casual as you like it. The key here is to invest in maximum-coverage lingerie and use the sheer pieces to layer under or over less-revealing clothes. There are many different ways to style a sheer look that will leave you feeling on trend, but still not naked.

Photos source: Pinterest


5. Small 90s inspired sunglasses 


’90s-inspired tiny sunglasses are all the rage this summer. Such ‘90s sunglasses are actually fun accessorizing options, which can instantly elevate your outfit despite their micro sizes. The variety is strong, too, with plenty of choices to suit anyone’s aesthetic.


Photos source: Pinterest